Lynda Benglis
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
Co-founded by Rhea Dall and Kristine Siegel, between 2013 and 2015 PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art presented four half-year cycles of exhibitions, publications, and events—each revolving around two unassociated artistic practices—in Berlin.

Expanding its timeframe and moving this experiment to a new context, as part of the triennial Bergen Assembly 2016 PRAXES developed a year-long episodic and itinerant investigation centered on the work of two artists only: Lynda Benglis and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

Lynda Benglis, Primary Structures (Paula's Props), Modern Art I+II, Wing, 1975.
© Lynda Benglis / BONO 2016. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery and Cheim & Read.

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.
Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London.
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Primary Structures (Paula’s Props)
February 6–28, KODE

Glacier Burger
April 9–May 1, Bergen School of Architecture

Slithering Green
Conference speakers: Lynda Benglis, Federica Bueti,
Bjørn Mortensen, Tal R, Valerie Smith, Jan Verwoert
April 30, Bergen School of Architecture

Double Albatross
April 30–May 15, Kunstgarasjen

On Screen
June 17–September 4, Entrée

Adhesive Products
Group exhibition: Nairy Baghramian, Olga Balema,
Lynda Benglis, Daiga Grantina, Kaari Upson, Sterling Ruby
September 2–October 9, Bergen Kunsthall

Is It Now?
November 19, Private address
Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop
February 6, Landmark

... Are u Bats? 1
February 25–December 9, TBA

The Elixia App (Episode One)
April 29–May 22, Visningsrommet USF

The Cell Group (Episode Two)
September 2–4, Kommunal Garasje

Cocaine and Caviar
September 2–25, Kunstgarasjen

Jabba, I'm Back! Come Back Tour, book now!
October 28–December 18, Bergen Kunsthall

it's not a bald spot it's a solar panel for a sex machine
(Episode Three)
November 18, Bergen School of Art and Design
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd (b. 1973, UK) works with exuberant collective performances and films merging irreverence and joie de vivre. Celebrating popular culture, she has adopted elements as diverse as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Hayao Miyazaki’s
My Neighbor Totoro, and Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

As part of PRAXES’s year-long inquiry of her practice, Chetwynd gradually carves out a new work for Bergen Assembly. With interrelated episodes in April, September and November, this piece is developed and reconfigured throughout the year in collaboration with a troupe of local participants, including Bergen octogenarians, employing a choreography influenced by body-borne computers, business magazines and (self-)moni-toring gadgets. In parallel, a variety of events and exhibitions look back at Chetwynd’s long-term involvement with social mores, humour and performance traditions, including the kick-off Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop (2004–), featuring the artist’s mother, and …Are U Bats? 1, an exhibition that accumulates works from Chetwynd’s ongoing series of over 300 Bat Opera paintings.  
Bergen Assembly
Østre Skostredet 5 – 7
Bergen 5017, Norway
A pioneer of temporal, vernacular materials, audacious colours, and unapologetic sensory pleasure, Lynda Benglis (b. 1941, US) has brushed wax, poured latex and phosphorescent foam, layered video, air sprayed metals, stretched paper, and cut-up ceramics. Benglis has repeatedly chosen drastic departures, foreign materials, and collaborative experiments over any signature style or trajectory.

Taking a cue from these unruly cross-approaches, PRAXES presents a sequence of her work constellations at changing venues throughout 2016 within Bergen Assembly. The work will inspire a series of meticulous re-installations, displays of recent work, devil-may-care detours and attempts at tracing material histories. Starting from Primary Structures and closing with Is It Now?—an intimate screening of a selection from Benglis’s entire video production from 1972 to 1976—this unspooling of her practice in Bergen is more artworks-in-residence than retrospective, more catalyst than compendium.
bergen assembly